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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A most unusual photograph of "the Maestro" Arturo Toscanini

In the pantheon of conductors, perhaps the most revered name is Arturo Toscanini.  We have handled any number of Toscanini autographed and unsigned original photographs over the years.  There are a very small group of images which he typically signed and this is far from typical.  

The 8" x 10" photograph above dates to May, 1950 while the Maestro was on his final trans-continental tour with his NBC Symphony Orchestra.  Toscanini, 83 years young at the time and still full of vim and vigor is posed with an unnamed woman at Colonial Williamsburg in period dress.  What makes this photograph all the more interesting is it is one of the very few we have seen when the Maestro is actually smiling!  So if you always wanted to have an autographed photograph of Toscanini and you like the unusual, this is the photograph for you!  We can guarantee, you will not find another one like it!

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