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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Richard Tauber sings Strauss's Morgen 1922 in Glorious Sound

Richard Tauber with Franz Lehar and the cast of "Wo die Lerch Singt"

It is our privilege to bring you unusual recordings of Jewish singers of the Holocaust era.  While Tauber was half Jewish, he was forced to flee after the Anschluss.  Once the single most popular tenor in the German speaking World, then personna non grata in the lands where he gave his all.  In 1922 on one of his early records, Tauber made a spectacular recording complete with violin obligato of Richard Strauss's lied, "Morgen" one of the most touching of all Strauss's songs. It was written with a group of lieder as a wedding present for his authoritarian wife Pauline de Ahna.  Tauber recorded the song several times, perhaps the 1932 version is the best known and most published as it is an electric and the sound after decent restoration makes it very immediate. While the recording we present is acoustic, the work my friend, Seth Winner did with the original source is nothing short of spectacular and I invite you to enjoy the video.  There is another example up on Youtube which does not remotely compare.  I have also added a number of images of Tauber during his career, portraits, operetta and with others we either have in our inventory, or have sold over the years to supplement the video, enjoy!


  1. I am deeply moved by the utter timelessness of this performance. That must have been what Strauss was after. Amazing. Such a lesson!

  2. This is really wonderful, thank you dear Harmonie for sharing this with us!!! Have a Beautiful morning and *GOD BLESS*

  3. Does sombody know, if any voice document exist of Strauß wife Pauline de Ahna?

  4. My father exposed me to Tauber when I was a boy. I listened to him since ( i am now 60) imagine in my college dorm, in the early 70s, he was lisened to and an icon with his top hat and all my roomates