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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Return of the Opportunity to be a Back Yard Impresario!

Lot 5936-333
Remember the tale of the Dutch opera impresario who had shut down operations of his stadium opera company?  He listed the sets, costumes, scores and other finery on E-Bay without the results he wanted.  Our original article
Well he's not done with auctions yet, BVA Auctions in Hoevelaken in the Netherlands has all the items now broken up in 1600 lots to be sold in two days time, on 9/27.  Here is the listings on their website.  Link here 1, Link here 2, Link here 3.
One can still be one's own back yard impresario, each lot begins at a single Euro!

Note: Harmonie Autographs and Music, Inc. has no financial interest in this sale.

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