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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Companion Blog for Harmonie Autographs and Music, Inc.

As our web-site can only say so much about our various and diverse products, it seemed appropriate to start a blog as a companion piece to our business. In this blog, we will be able to go into more depth on specific pieces in our inventory, discuss music history, various aspects of collecting music antiquities, as well as the World of classical music and opera around us. Due to our various friendships with people on the professional end of our business, we will also present timely interviews on topics of interest to you in the archival arena.  The field is surprisingly diverse, fascinating and historical.  As the proprietor of Harmonie Autographs and Music, Inc., I do not stray from my field, because that's what I know and there is a wide variety of elements withing the specific field to keep it interesting all the time.  I spent over 30 years amassing a collection of music antiquities before I even approached becoming a dealer of such items.  When we sell our items, you can truly know that the items you purchased are 100% authentic and fully researched.  Our world-wide of assortment of collectors which includes individuals from every walk of life, as well as important institutions know that they can count on us for a great assortment of items at fair prices and completely authentic.

For now, take a moment click and browse our website; Harmonie Autographs Web Site. This site covers composers, conductors and instrumentalists.  From there you will be able to link to the two opera and ballet portions of our site.  We can also be found on Facebook, just click here:  Harmonie Autographs Facebook Fan Page.


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