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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Forgotten Leonore For The Ages Returned To Life...albeit briefly!

Rose Pauly (1894-1975) 

Truly one of the finest dramatic sopranos of the 20th Century, yet today known only by the true connoisseurs of vocal music. Pauly was considered to be the greatest of all 20th Century Elektras, a role she made her own throughout the World, including 8 performances over 3 seasons at the Metropolitan Opera.  A refugee from the Holocaust, her disappearance from people's lips perhaps was by her own design, as she left her meteoric career in 1946 and settled in Tel Aviv as a pedagogue.  Among her other great roles was Leonore in "Fidelio" and to my ear, her recording of "Abscheulicher" is one of the very best.  We have a proprietary remastering accomplished by historical sound engineer Seth Winner and owned by Harmonie Autographs and Music, Inc.  The recording made in November of 1927 remains a very difficult recording to remaster due to the conditions of the original take.  While a number of other sound engineers have tried to properly master the recording, none to my ear have succeeded until now!  So with that in mind, we offer an MP3 of Madame Pauly as she has not been previously heard!

A special thanks to Larry Holdridge for original use of the record.


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